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Super Mario World (ascetic run)

19 episodes

Start Date: 2011-12-23

Last Updated: 2012-01-09


ascetic super mario world. world 1 without coins nor stage points.

episode 1

Posted on 2011-12-23

1 video

I go over what is going on here in the video itself, I don't think I have to repeat myself!

I think this should be interesting though. When I play hacks, it's easy to compare to with the original game and whatnot. I think this should be interesting to see what the original game did right, and things that are baffling - although filtered through a pretty important wrinkle in order to make this a bit more interesting, gameplay wise.

Where the original Yoshi Island served as an introduction to the basic game engine, here Yoshi Island is introducing us to the sort of hoops I'll have to expect down the road to jump through.

up to the green switch without coins nor stage points.

episode 2

Posted on 2011-12-24

1 video

Merry christmas eve! God knows that when I was a kid, we opened the gifts on the 24, so I looked toward THIS day quite a bit more!

Some peeps might be glad to learn about a little something something heading my way - talkhaus user with the generic name of Alex has made a little asm hack to SMW that actually does kill you when you get points or coins, and erases those values for a new stage or whatever. So purists that don't like numbers can be appeased starting next time.

Meanwhile, have a somber bit of spelunking.

things gone lethal, donut plains secret half

episode 3

Posted on 2011-12-25

1 video

If you want to play along, the 'things actual do kill you' patch is available in this game's thread in the talkhaus!

Also, this was oddly simple today. Things went... .too well.

a smw third video supplement - donut secret secret

episode 4

Posted on 2011-12-25

1 video

also includes some casual blasphemy for the young-uns.

rest of donut plains. children may close their eyes during donut house secret

episode 5

Posted on 2011-12-26

1 video

I'm pretty dang absolutely certain that the donut ghost house secret is impossible in ascetic rules. I still got it for the conveniance, and for the arbritary 'point' in the quest to 100%ing the game, but, well, yes.


beware the deadly fish

episode 6

Posted on 2011-12-27

1 video

Vanilla Dome 1
Vanilla Dome 2 is litteraly impossible during an ascethic run. Doing a 'pure run', you'd have to go down the other branch and skip this whole bit. I played around it anyway, for funsies
Red Switch Palace

I know I said VD1 was really long, but I made a mistake. I was in fact thinking it had parts of another level in it (which isn't the case)

roundabout, and the troublesome undead

episode 7

Posted on 2011-12-28

1 video

Vanilla Ghost House
Vanilla Dome 3, 4
#3 - Lemmy's Castle

Today is not a good day for ascetism.

oxygen is not necessary for survival

episode 8

Posted on 2011-12-29

1 video

the vanilla secrets
star road 2
vanilla fortress

You know, there are a lot of water themed levels in world 3. And even those that are not about swimming, have water 'related' themes like a raft or stuff sinking into other stuff. There are no explicit 'water worlds' in smw, but world 3 is kind of close!

let's just go ahead and do world four.

episode 9

Posted on 2011-12-30

1 video

World 4 isn't that SMALL, it's just small compared to its immediate neighbours. That, and it's cleanly split in two, with no interaction between either halves.


What I'm saying is that smw is pretty weird in parts!

small rodents live in forests.

episode 10

Posted on 2011-12-31

1 video

First half of world 5! Only the ghost house is impossible, though I suppose unreasonable people and TASers can once again fly under the floor, but screw that noise, haha

floating coins? those are impossible!

episode 11

Posted on 2012-01-01

1 video

let's ring in the new year with a hella late update, and the end of world five!!!


first difficult place

episode 12

Posted on 2012-01-02

1 video

Funny how it more or less follows the 'japanese romhack slide' of world 6 being the first place where you can really expect to struggle.


episode 13

Posted on 2012-01-03

1 video

To do a pure, pure ascetic run, you are kind of forced to cut off a lot of the game just because of a few key levels, which is unfortunate. Because of the boat, you have to go through the start world and skip the entirety of worlds six and seven. You could enter the star world from world 5, however this assumes that butter bridge 1 IS actually beatable without the red switch - if this isn't the case you have to star-world it up as early as world 3, and thus skip a huge huge huge chunk of the game.

This is why I don't do a 'pure' run, it's so we can actually play the dang game, haha~

dying to enemies

episode 14

Posted on 2012-01-04

1 video

this is the 'biting more than I can chew' video. I think that, deep down, I'm starting to get antsy about finishing this project. I'm aware that although it's interesting in the idea, a lot of the levels aren't actually that 'different' at all in playstyle, so even when some videos are long, I feel like they don't necessarily have a lot of stuff.


the special world begins

episode 15

Posted on 2012-01-05

1 video

I'm aware of the blue yoshi run for 'that level', but man, if you are going to be abusing the system might as well make it all out.

There's no gameplay beyond the tenth minute if you are a modern person on the go, so don't be afraid to stop there! And due to youtube's new layout, don't miss out the voxatron video I released this morning too!

quiet sandwhich

episode 16

Posted on 2012-01-06

1 video

During this whole run, I was dreading this level.

As y'all know, I like to do different things with editing from time to time, little small subtle things. So I kind of skipped a lot of annoying similare runs, where I'm learning tiny mistakes and subtle traps, in flavour of explaining what is going on in the winning run.

Other than possibly Funky, however, I think the worse is potentially done!

ascetic video length and content

episode 17

Posted on 2012-01-07

1 video

Sorry if my video offering of the day is a mere pitance, sometimes things just kind of work out that way!

outrageous and funky

episode 18

Posted on 2012-01-08

1 video

I find it funny that peeps consider outrageous 'the hardest level in the game when played normally' because, honestly, if you look at it, there's not much going on with it other than those dang hopping flames.

It also speeks of the general ease of the main game, mind you.

final video. a study of the princess' walking animation

episode 19

Posted on 2012-01-09

1 video

And this is it! Thank you for watching, and super thank you for those who played along, and contributed in filling in gaps that I could not!

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