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Nezumi Man

12 episodes

Start Date: 2009-12-15

Last Updated: 2010-01-13

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vs a kitchen appliance

episode 1

Posted on 2009-12-15

1 video

Woah there buddy, calm down!

The RunMan video was just such a trainwreck that I couldn't even bring me to upload it. Yes, it was that bad. So here's a preview of what I was going to start after RunMan.

If all goes well I should do the rest of RunMan before playing Nezumi again question mark

vs the countryside

episode 2

Posted on 2009-12-16

1 video

death has never been so delicious

vs ungeneric rpg adventures

episode 3

Posted on 2009-12-19

1 video

gotta rock that dragon yo

vs the milky way

episode 4

Posted on 2009-12-20

1 video

oh geez I JUST, just got the joke

vs a perfectly reasonable detention center

episode 5

Posted on 2009-12-21

1 video

now with actual secondary weapon use ?!

vs the effects of long-term air pollution

episode 6

Posted on 2009-12-22

1 video

oh no it is a cloud

vs a.... a g-g-g-g-g-g-girl?!

episode 7

Posted on 2009-12-23

1 video

Very different from the 'real' Wave Man.

vs the combined forces of nature

episode 8

Posted on 2009-12-24

1 video

for some reason people were telling me this would be hard. question mark.

the malodorous estate of doctor fish paste

episode 9

Posted on 2009-12-26

1 video

consider this compensation for the nezumiman-less update

good ol' powerhouse clipshow

episode 10

Posted on 2009-12-27

1 video

Look at me being efficient

vs the unrelenting hell

episode 11

Posted on 2009-12-28

1 video

well this is all flavours of awkwards

vs random number generator

episode 12

Posted on 2010-01-13

1 video

finally closed off THAT chapter!

coming up next: a whole bunch of crazy things while I'm waiting after vgboy.

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